What’s Underneath This Chest Of Drawers In An Old Church Is Beyond Creepy. What The?

Most churches are very old buildings, and because of that, sometimes those structures can be a little on the creepy side (especially the basements, choir lofts and organ rooms). But even at that, you probably have never seen something THIS strange inside a place of worship. While visiting a church, a Reddit user needed to use the restroom. They were instructed to go into a small sacristy. Once there, they found something they sincerely did not expect.

The sacristy was small, with no bathroom door in sight.

There was, however, a small panel in the drawers that were up against the wall.

Which opened up…

And revealed a very small, winding staircase.

All the way down…

Which ended in a small, open air bathroom.

The bright side of having such a creepy bathroom? Very few parishioners get up and leave services to go use the restroom. It could be worse, though. At least there are lights you can turn on down there. (Although it’s very hard to be certain that bathroom isn’t haunted.) Source: Reddit

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